Frog lady

It is very "me" to fall in love with a side character, but so far Sania is one of my favourite NPCs. Her quest made me finally feel "ah yes this is FF", it's just very typical for the series, and I love her personality.

I'm taller than you!

For the longest time I assumed that Gladiolus had, like, 43243252 brothers, but imagine my delight to learn that he had a baby sister. All the family feels ;////;♥

Don't slack off!

Too bad Jack was found out by his study partner. There are many different uses for books, apparently.

Stop staring, that's private!

But if I saw her blush because of a text message, I'd be curious too.

FF7 log

Some FF7 pictures I've drawn recently. It's a busy year so far, I don't have much time and motivation for drawing and it starts to get on my nerves.

It was an accident

I noticed that King's summer uniform cape is tattered at the lower part. And then I gave it too much thought.

Pyjama party

When you play as Rem and interact with the bar, she marvels if the girls from class 0 would be up to a girls night. I thought this was a cute idea and wanted to draw them having fun. By the end of the night Deuce probably has braided everyone's hair.

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